Putting the finishing touches on a wedding cakeBorn in 1968, I started baking at around the age of 12, as a way of ensuring I got cake for Sunday tea. The Be-Ro book became my bible and best friend, and I still have a battered old copy on my bookshelf today.

Early in 2009, I needed a new challenge in life, and decided to follow my heart and do something I love.

I had so enjoyed the experience of making the wedding cake for my friend Laura, that I made the decision to set up a home-based cake business. Largely self-taught from books, practice and experimentation (thanks to all my willing guinea-pigs!), I attended a Professional Chocolate Wedding Cake Course at the Barry Callebaut Chocolate Academy, taught by Mark Tilling, the UK Chocolate Master 2006-2009.

This transformed my abilities and knowledge of handling chocolate, and taught me a wide range of techniques such as chocolate fans, collars, shards and cigarillos, as well as many more general skills necessary for wedding cake making.

I love chocolate, I love cake, and I can’t think of anything else I’d rather be doing! (NB I do bake other cakes, you don’t have to have chocolate!)

I have also recently trained in working with sugarpaste at the Squires International Cookery School, so that I can add variety to my repertoire.